Richard Sanger


“Spectacular… Sophisticated metrical sense, teasing wit and limitless linguistic resources… The real thing: an original poet of rare talent.”
Carmine Starnino, The Montreal Gazette, March 22, 1997.

“Remarkable mastery… A poet of unusual talent and poetic maturity”.
Beatriz Zeller, Books-in-Canada, November 1997.

Shadow Cabinet is one of the most exciting, sophisticated and achieved of recent books of poetry in Canada, one that all readers and writers of poetry should enjoy and study. For Sanger, with luck and persistence, will be one of our most important poets, one whose work will find an international audience…”
Dan Reve, The Danforth Review 2.1

“Splendidly-shaped and imagistically adroit… These are outstanding poems.”
Fraser Sutherland, The Globe and Mail

“Wonderfully poetic and dramatic, filled with intelligence, emotion, perception and surprise.”
Vit Wagner, The Toronto Star

“… Full of unexpectedly resonant moments and haunting rhythms.”
Jill Lawless, NOW

“Powerful and moving writing… A pure concentrate of emotion… Sanger’s spare, unsentimental script makes us question and change our ways of looking at things.”
Patricia Black, Scene Magazine

“The spareness and purity of Sanger’s language convey a powerful drama of how those who have been reduced to their most basic needs and those who are still privileged cannot communicate”
Governor-General’s Awards shortlist
citation 1998

“Finely-crafted… A contemporary Brecht-like fable… It shows how complex human situations become further distorted by attempts to render them as formulaic news stories.”
Kevin Burns, Quill and Quire

“A superb piece of writing… a thrilling production… the first must-see show of the year…. The one word for this show is extraordinary.”
Christopher Hoile, eye magazine