Richard Sanger

End of Winter






Late April: you can keep your porky gophers

popping up to check how long their shadows is —

Here, we got the real thing: snow from October

to May, weeks of minus fifty, or worse,

mornings you dive for the light switch first thing,

as life shrinks like a tunnel you can’t see

the end of.  Till you do.  And, suddenly, it’s spring:

Hans has chained up his sled-dogs by the creek,

and, as we dig ourselves out, you hear, no surprise,

that a whole flurry of long-suffering couples

has gone splitsville…  Those poor, pasty-faced guys

trying to get lucky just when the latest crop

of extreme sports dudes blows into town:

bronzed, buff and gunning for serious fun!


(from Dark Woods, appearing in April 2018)


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