Richard Sanger

Leaf Talk


Leaf  Talk


Richard Sanger


“Let’s face it, Andy, what we saw tonight

can happen to any team.  I don’t care how tight,

how tough they play.  Unlucky bounce,

or two–we all have them–pretty soon the ground’s

shifting, guys lose focus, lose concentration.

Throw in the kind of calls they were making

–there were some doozers tonight, let me tell youse–

and the confidence goes too, ‘course it does.

It’s human nature: when the stars align against us,

and the linesmen as well, it’s real hard,

even with a lead like that in the third,

to believe in sweetness and light…  You got

an uphill battle on your hands, you’re caught

on the boards, you gotta roll with the punches

they’re throwing, no matter how hard each one is,

and they just keep coming.  Trust me, I’ve been there–

I know what it’s like to be the man in the arena,

your face stitched and bruised, your name spurned and spat upon.

I’m not saying we shouldn’ta hung on—

obviously we shoulda—three goals

is three goals—I’m just saying there’s a whole                                    

worlda diff between catching the action

in your rec room, couple brew down the hatch,

and actually playing it.   Our boys are out there,

in the ice, sweating blood, tears–Sure,

they get good coin; sure, they get summers off–

But each night they give it their best shot,

they put everything they got on the line,

school, career, looks, teeth…  For who?   The Queen

of Romania?   The Ayatollah Khomeini?

No, they do it for us, Rod, for you and me,

they jump the boards, they chase that puck,

they spill their guts and they drop their gloves…

So we can believe.   Look, I know that

they’re going through a bad patch at the moment

but I gotta say, and not just on paper,

I like this bunch.  Forget Killer, Mats, Kaberle,     

all those losers.  Once these boys connect,

I’m telling ya, maybe this year, maybe next…”


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